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The Sexual Morality of a Generation of Men: Why Sexual Harassment is the Consequence of the Sexual Revolution

Dr. Robert James, December 4, 2017

A Mural containing a TIME magazine cover of birth control pills shaped into the female symbol, Picture of four generations of men, A sitting woman with an arm outstretched holding back a man in a  necktie, the U.S. Supreme Court Building against a blue sky.

It has been sixty years since the sexual revolution got underway. It has been enough time for an entire generation of men to be reared from childhood to mature adulthood within that moral revolution which was to emancipate the sexes.

Save the Confederate Monuments: Their Real Story is Too Important to Be Forgotten

Dr. Robert James, September 26, 2017

Night picture of Charlottesville racist protestors with

One argument for maintaining our Confederate monuments is to remind us of history’s propensity to repeat itself.

Charlottesville in Perspective

Dr. Robert James, August 28, 2017

Night picture of Charlottesville racist protestors with

Something Sinister Has Happened and We Possess the Only Way to Stop It

Will Germany Be the Achilles Heel of Europe?

Dr. Robert James, August 4, 2017


Germany is either the key to the survival or the demise of western civilization in Europe. With the upcoming elections this fall in Germany, we can predict the outcome and take the circumstance to its rational conclusion. This is a 4-part series.

Kathy Griffin Demonstrates the Humanist Manifesto

Dr. Robert James, July 26, 2017

Combined picture of John Locke and Senator Bernie Sanders

Kathy Griffin reminds us why the religion of Humanism must never be allowed to govern.

John Locke Takes Down Bernie Sander's Religious Tolerance Test

Dr. Robert James, July 24, 2017

Combined picture of John Locke and Senator Bernie Sanders

It is time to recalibrate our view of religious tolerance from the authoritative source, John Locke.  Learn why Religious Tolerance is now meaningless.

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